To know about the ‘Vastu Mahajeevan’ of a place, we must have to learn about three steps of ‘Vaastu Mahajeevan’. By appling these thumb rules step by step on that place, that place will automatically tell its own story like a book.
These three steps are -

  • To make ‘Vaastu Mahajeevan’ chakra of the place.
  • To know about ‘16 powers’ of a place.
  • Balance of ‘Panch Tatva’

To make ‘Vastu Mahajeevan’ chakra of the place.

First of all find out about four wall of place. Find out its directions and then make the chakra, by this you will know about 16 direction of their place.

To know about ‘16 powers’ of a place.

Now find out the defects of raised and lower platform of directions, which direction has defect of extension then find out the power of directions, where the power is increased or decreased.

Balance of ‘Panch Tatva’.

Find out the balance of Panch Tatva. The work of which related Tatva is done in a place of which tatva is increased or which is decreased, how can we balance it?

By following the rules we can maintain the peace of that place.

In Ancient times this knowledge was restricted to only royal families, so that they are blessed with positive energy.

Now this knowledge is available to the common man, people are prone to this knowledge. With the help of Vastu we can increase positive energy in our house and can maintain peace and serenity everyone.

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