Now a day we consider Vaastu as an essential part of life . But many people are not aware about the necessity and benefits of Vaastu.

We bought many items which increases the positivity of vaastu energy but it is wrong. Because until unless we don’t know the exact vaastu fault the use of these items can be harmful.

Vaastu Mahajeevan was started in 1997 by Dr. Gaurav Sri Aggarwal During his research on cancer and and found that it is earth magnetic energyheart patients he found that there is some negative energy in their houses which effect the body and causes serious illness. Then he studied many Vaastu books and found if the magnetic energy of Earth is imbalance it effect on human body and mind and prosperity.

Mission of Vaastu Mahajeevan –

The great mission of Vaastu Mahajeevan is giving improvement in health, wealth and prosperity and helps in maintaining harmony in home. Now in scientific era we Vaastu Mahajeevan tries to explain vastu in scientific and logical manner so can people will come out of superstition and get benefitted.

Vaastu Mahajeevan done vastu of many negative place and make them vastu perfect by minor changes and improve positive energy of many people of that place. Vaastu Mahajeevan improves the quality of social and personal life of the people. It explains the rules of vastu shastra through easy logical and scientific method so that people can understand easily.

Vision of Vaastu Mahajeevan –

Vaastu Mahajeevan started a course to help in giving proper guidance about vastu shastra and remove the misconceptions or ill effects of vaastu. From this course many people are helping others to get success in their lives.

Come and become a part of Vaastu Mahajeevan and make the whole world happy. Welcome to the course of Vaastu Mahajeevan.

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