Deteriorating relationships and Vaastu

At times it is found that there are differences between brothers, father and son or in-laws.

Connection between Vastu and Theft

We often see many problems in our house but somewhere vastu can be a major reason behind it.

Business Partner Analysis

When we talk about business, most of the people need Partner. Then it becomes very difficult for them to decide that who should be their partner. But at the same time this is also important to know that whether to choose a male or female as the partner.

Querrels in office

If someone is facing problem of regular disputes or quarrels in office with his boss, colleagues or employees then Vastu defect can be a big reason behind this.

Complete Vastu Case Study for a House

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Vaastu for North Facing Factory Case Study – Vastu Solutions for Factory Owner

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Vaastu for West Facing House Case Study and other Vaastu Dosh Rectification

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Vaastu for Marriage

Marriage is a major responsibility of parents. For a boy or a girl it is a life time achievement and a love bond. Vastumahajeevan creates wonder in their relationship.

Vaastu for kitchen

Kitchen is a very important place in our house it is a holy place as our temples in Hinduism the god of fire always gives you a good health and wealth. According to vastushastra fire element is present in the soth east direction of a house so kitchen must be locate at south east of a house.

Vaastu for Factory, Manufacturing Units, Trading or a showroom

When you start any business like factory, manufacturing units, trading or a showroom and gradually you are growing and some time your growth is out of expectation. It means there is a very positive vastu energy surrounding you. Now you need more space or more machinery or expansion in your business so you purchase new place or make some shed or construction in your existing plot.

Vaastu Shastra Remedies for the Ideal life

Vaastu Shastra remedies will help you achieve perfect domestic and financial harmony. It is based upon a certain science where you can get to balance the five elements perfectly. Vaastu doshes are caused because of neglect and mistake in organizing things properly. This causes a bad influence on the cosmic forces that control mind and life.

Re-energize and Revive your Bedroom with Vaastu

Whenever you talk about bedroom you get the feeling of safety, comfort and peace at its best. Before planning anything to redesign your bedroom few basic points you need to ensure, i.e. Right Location Right Colours Right Items Right Direction.

Vaastu for Money Helps You Achieve Tranquility and Prosperity

Vaastu for money controls forces which have a direct effect on life and household. You can achieve a lot by following simple specifications that are provided by Vaastu experts. You can get out daily grievances and suffering resulting out of failed business or bad employment conditions. People with sound and wealthy conditions should also follow the tips so that their condition always remains ideal.

How to Multiply Money

In today’s matellistic world money plays very important role. Now a day’s money attracts people more then there qualities. Vaastu helps in multiplying money as much as you want. If you are feeling that your money is not expanding according to your business, your business or your services are not giving you the desired benefit or your expenses are more than your income .Wait and think.

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