Energy Flow

To make the VAASTUPURUSH MANDAL of the place, take the mid point of that place and made it square i.e. mid of the length must be equal is to mid of breadth. Now divide all direction in 8 equal parts. In this way we will have 64 parts. Now from 8 parts of particular direction 2 part of that direction is dominated. So it has 4 directions in on part. In each parts 16 directions have its dominance out of which 8 are of raised and other 8 are lowered. So energy must be flow from higher level to lower level. South West is very powerful direction and opposite to it north East is also a powerful North East indicates life and South West death. Vaastu is known as MAHAJEEVAN chakra because life and death both are here. When we are born and grow similarly directions are raised from North East to South-West that’s why South-West is given raised position. When a child is in womb it has no existence its relation is with North-East. So under ground water tanks and boring are made in North-East direction. We are now moving from raised side to lower side. South-West has to be raised so slop has to be in both sides. Let’s take right side so below South-West there is South direction and then South-East now on the left side after South-West there is West and then North West and then North. Now again on the right side after south-East there is East direction and then North East.

Now again on left side after North there is North-East. So the sequence from raised to lowered is as below.

  • the highest direction is South-West direction.
  • Lower to this is South direction.
  • Lower to this is South-East direction.
  • Lower to this is West direction.
  • Lower to this is North-West direction.
  • Lower to this is North direction.
  • Lower to this is East direction.
  • Lower to this is North-East direction.

Normally on the floor the energy flows from South to North and from West to East direction. If any direction breaks this summitry and go lower or higher in the sequence it badly affects the benefit of that direction as well as the direction against which it has broken the summitry. The direction which goes according to the energy flow is positive and vice versa. This positive and negative affects the direction of main gate.

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