What is human being------ A human being creates its aura itself, by the vibrations reflected by its mind and body. Supposing you have negative feeling for a person before you, then without uttering a word, you will realize that the person is behaving as you thought and vice versa. You alone can't build a house you need services of so many people like masion, carpenter, plumber, electrician etc.  If you are extracting work from them but with negative feeling, gradually one by one they will leave you and opposite to that if you have positive attitude, no matter what, the work is done.  You will notice gradually one by one everybody will unite with you. For this attitude, first of all we have to clear the clutter in mind for the work around.


Three Qualities

God has given three qualities in man - viz Rajas, Tamas, satvik.

Rajas means flow of energy i.e. free flow

Tamas means blockage, we take tamas as laziness or darkness. If we have to achieve a goal, so we need Rajas tatva. We increase Rajas tatva and move towards our aim. We reached our destination and there is no Tamas tatva,

So where will we stop? Now aim is left behind but we are moving forward. So tamas tatva is also necessary when there is balance between Rajas and Tamas Tatvas, automatically Satvik quality is created. This balanced Satvik quality in our life is other name of Vaastu.  You want to climb the steps. First step you raise is Rajasi , where you stop that is Tamasi, now other raised step is  Rajasi and so on. Now with the help of Rajasi and Tamasi you climb this is satvik. This is life.


Importance of left and right brain –

Mostly people works with their right hand. Only few people work with their left hand. The right side of our body is under control of our left side of brain and vice versa, energy flows in the whole body from here. Left side of our brain has the power of logics, analysis and objectivs so it has decision making powers in it, for good and bad, right and wrong etc. our right side of the brain is intutive, thoughtful and subjective. Our Sanskars from generation to genration is stored in our rig ht brain. Whatever we want to create, first of all we create its outline in our brain and then utilize it. Right brain has the power of  recognizing faces, expressing emotions, music, reading emotions, colour, images etc.

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