Meet Your Vastu Samrat/Vastu Mahajeevan Expert

You will come to know about the negativity and its effects of your place due to negative energy calculate by senior vastu mahajeevan expert. In your personal meeting or online with Vastu Mahajeevan expert gives you the oppoerrtunity to get solution of any one of your problem free.

Sometimes the problems are not due to negative energy of Vastu. But it is due to lack of receiving this positive Vastu energy by our body and mind. According to Vastu Mahajeevan symptoms of your problems should match with the negativity of your place and then its treatment will give you a marvellous result and achievement in life.

You will make a list of your goals which you want to achieve in your life. And you can discuss with vastu samrat Dr. Gaurav Sri Aggarwal for any problems among the list calculate by a senior vastu mahajeevan expert.

It contains the problems due to negative energy and its effect on our life, health - wealth, money, family members. These are like -

    • Are you daily facing some problem after starting some new business or factory?
    • Are you daily facing some machinery problem in your factory?
    • Facing money on health problem after shifting in new house an after doing some changing in present house.
    • Your children are not doing up to Mark according to their efficiency.
    • Children are not concentrating in these studies.
    • Lack of happiness & peace in the family in spite of good prosperities.
    • Blockage in flow of money.
    • Living depressed and disappointed life.
    • Living a stressed & tensed life.
    • Facing new problems every day.
    • No progress in spite of good hard work.
    • Disease is not leaving your house.
    • No harmony between family members and other.
    • Not happy with you married life / sties in married life / married life is not giving you happiness.
    • Problem is selection of life partners / not getting suitable life partner.
    • Loans are increasing in / you are under the burden of loans.
    • Profits in less than investment in your business.
    • Not getting adequate opportunities / lack of opportunities in life
    • Meditation is not helping you to go in deeper level.
    • Sleep in not peaceful / lack of sleep.
    • Day by day You are becoming more& more superstitious.
    • Not getting benefits of puja.

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