Panch Tatva

Panch tatva and balance

Human being is Gods wonderful creation. To provide peace and prosperity God has created nature. Till then when human being like animal accepted nature as a gift of god, indulge it self according to, he was prosper and peaceful, when his brain started developing he exposed his intelligence, strength result were both good and bad. Now question is what is good or bad? Work that done according to nature gives good results and vice versa. Vaastu is the name given to law of nature by our saints. Whatever constructions human being dose he has to follow certain rules, this is known as vaastu shastra. Because he feels success is only related to his business and house. As people think vaastu shastra is only concern with construction. On the other hand this shastra can show laws of any creations. While constructing any building and following vaastu laws along with the beauty of house you can balance happiness and comfort, success and regards of the people who live there. Like to run any machine balance of all small and bigger parts works simultaneously, similarity in a house balance between all the family members younger as well as elders will necessary for the happiness of the family and life runs smoothly. This balance is known as vaastu shastra.

In universe sun, moon, stars and satellites are rotating around its axis the energy which is responsible for its rotation is its internal energy. Due to fast rotation equal and opposite external energy is also generated. These internal and external energies are responsible for the balance in the universe. This energy is called magnetic or gravitational force. Sun is most powerful among all so all the planets attract toward it. Internal energy of sun attracts the internal energy of planets at the same time external and opposite energy of both repels each other. Because of this attraction and repulsion results in revolving and rotation of planets around the sun. This law is also applicable on earth because we all live on earth so that this energy of sun and earth also affect us. This affect may be bad or good on human beings.

Human body is made up of (panch tatva) five elements like – Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space. When panch tatva are in balance then it provides happiness, success, prosperity, peace etc.

It is a special formula life works according to this formula whole universe is created of panch tatva. What ever is our assists, work on law of panch tatva. Where there is life, death is there. Lord Krishna showed his Virat Roop to Arjuna and said I create the universe and I only destroy it. This is truth of life. It is also known as Kaal Chakra. The chakra of universe revolves in Panch Tatva. Brhama, Vishnu, Mahesh Tridev work together on this. Major part of Earth is Water and our body is made-up of Panch Tatva so major part of our body is also water the Jal Tatva. In life cycle Jal Tatva makes Vayu Tatva. From where does air come? We get it from plants provide us Oxygen so we also called it as Wood. Air makes Fire – air is required for fire to burn, after Fire is burnt the residue is Earth. Earth is enveloped by sky. Water again comes in the form of rain. Similarly is with life chakra. It is created by Brahma. What is created will be destroyed. Every thing is mortal. Water destroys fire, fire destroys space, air is invisible in sky or space so space destroys air, Air we get from wood or forest, we plant a seed under the soil it produce a plant which is in form of a huge tree so air destroys earth when rain falls on earth it absorbs it. We can feel the moisture on earth but can not see it so earth finishes water. Chakra of destroy works like this it is done by Mahesh (Lord Shiva). Lord Vishnu balances both the chakras. Green arrow show on the picture related to creation and red arrows are related to destruction.


Water helps blood to flow in the vessels of human being and sensitivity in our body is due to water. Water gives sootiness. It has an important place in our body. When Fire tatva is more in our body it is balanced by Water tatva. Man consumes more water during summer is an example of this, willingness to bath during summer is another example.

  • Water tatva dedicates to Air tatva.
  • Water tatva controls Fire tatva.
  • Sky tatva dedicates to Water tatva.
  • Earth tatva controls Water tatva.




Air tatva gives life in human being without it man can not survive. The presence of air inside and out side is equal by this the man can walk properly. His heart is beating and pressure of air by which blood reaches each and every part of the body is its example. Disposal of excreta is also an example of Air tatva.

  • Air tatva dedicates to Fire tatva.
  • Air tatva controls Earth tatva.
  • Water tatva dedicates to Air tatva.
  • Sky tatva controls Air tatva.




The inside and out side the energy of human being is heat. The Fire tatva inside the body regulates the temperature of body, helps in digestion of food. Fire tatva out side human body feel hot and cold.

  • Fire tatva dedicates to Earth tatva.
  • Fire tatva controls Sky tatva.
  • Vayu tatva dedicates to Fire tatva.
  • Jal Tatva controls Fire tatva.




It is a symbol of peace. It manages all the tatva to work properly when human body is in sleeping state. Subconcious mind is under Earth tatva. We pick our food and put it on the tounge the subconcious mind tells us the flavour of spices. Chewing of food, digastion and metabolism of food is under the Earth Tatva. Child in mother's womb is example of Earth Tatva. That is why mother is called earth. The earth is a cause of life as well as death, every thing created on earth is made up of things realated to earth. Due to reduction of Earth tatva forest will dimnished and building will collapse.

  • Earth tatva dedicates to Sky tatva.
  • Earth tatva controls Jal tatva.
  • Fire tatva dedicates to Earth tatva.
  • Vayu tatva controls Earth tatva.




Sky tatva is an important tatva. It brings thaughts in human being. It supports earth so it is known as father. Earth tatva controls Jal tatva, Jal tatva controls Fire tatva, Fire tatva controle Vayu tatva, so in this way these all tatva are controled by Earth tatva and Earth is dedicated to Sky tatva. Our mind is Earth and thought is Sky so earth is combined with Sky produces thoughts and that thought is fulfilled. Then that thought comes to be practicle this the way life moves on.

  • Sky tatva dedicates to Jal tatva.
  • Sky tatva controls Vayu tatva.
  • Earth tatva dedicates to Sky tatva.
  • Fire tatva controls Sky tatva.


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