Vaastu Mahajeevan Surveyor Visit

A professional Vaastu Mahajeevan surveyor conducts a detailed survey of your building. This includes macro and micro details about the constructed and non constructed area, interior design and colours, placements of objects etc of your place. Then he came to office and an executive makes a detailed map of your place. After this it is studied by a senior vaastu mahajeevan expert to find the negative energy of vaastu and its affects with The 3 Steps Vaastu Mahajeevan and create a Vaastu Mahajeevan Analysis Report.

(*Applicable up to1000 sqft residential house or 200sqft of shops/office only.) Charges will customize which depend on the size of place area and location etc. to fix a visit please Call 9313224466, 9313224477 time :- 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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