The bathroom is one of the most sensitive zones in a house or building. In earlier times, the bathroom was positioned outside the house, so there was no question of any negativity within the house, but in today’s day and age, it forms a part of the inner sanctum of the modern home. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain perfect hygiene and cleanliness, not only in terms of the physical world but also in terms of Vastu energies.

The bathroom is that place where we cleanse ourselves and which releases negative energies. Additionally, this is that place which if not kept totally spic and span, will be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This makes the location of the bathroom important from the Vastu point of view. Incorrect placement can create havoc in the lives of the occupants of the house.

So it is highly essential to make the bathroom absolutely Vastu compliant so as to keep negative energies at bay. To get more Vastu tips on how to keep your bathroom surrounded by positive energy, seek professional advice from a Vastu consultant and see how your life changes towards betterment and contentment.

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