Bedroom is a very personal sanctuary where a person unwinds and relaxes after a long day at work. As a matter of fact, one-third of a person’s life is spent in his bedroom, hence keeping the considerable importance of this room in mind, it is highly important that its location, the placement of furniture within it and other relevant factors are arranged in a manner that it is conducive to creating a positive and favorable Vastu environment.

Since we know the importance of a bedroom, it is now very important to select the right direction of sleep which in turn would affect your work ability as well as personal life with your partner. If your bedroom is not positioned in the right direction, then you can suffer from disturbed sleep, restlessness, depression, health problems and frequent fights with your spouse. In a nutshell, your life would become completely bereft of peace and your mental state would go for a toll.

To avoid the above situation from arising, it is better to make your bedroom Vastu complaint right from the beginning as precaution is always better than sure. And to do this, seek the advice of a professional Vatsu consultant and take proper suggestions which can be implemented for a good and happy life ahead.

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