Commercial Complex

Many a times it has been seen that offices and showrooms hosted within a particular commercial building or complex do not run well at all in spite of being well constructed with the best modern amenities and located in the heart of the city. This happens when that complex has been constructed on a land which has geopathic stress and when the construction of the building has not been done as per Vatsu norms. Geopathic Stress covers and displays a close-knit relationship between earth energies and people's well being Where 'Geo' means Earth, 'Pathic or pathos' means disease, which indicates the ability to feel, perceive or be sensitive to certain specific energies. It is nothing but the study of earth energies and their effects, both positive as well as negative, in relation to human prosperity and well-being. In short, it is when the Earth’s electromagnetic field becomes distorted, thereby causing adverse effects on human life and their well-being.

Hence it is highly important to check the nature of land, the construction and the positioning of the office areas within the commercial complex before purchasing an office or showroom in it. After doing so, it is equally important to construct the interiors of your office area as per Vastu rules so that there is no stone left unturned which could cause an adverse affect on your success in future.

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