Complete Vastu House Plan

It is highly essential to have a completely Vastu compliant house if you wish to obtain name, fame, success, goodwill, good health and prosperity in life. The thumb rule applies to one and all that the one who has power commands and receives respect in society. If we consider karma as the seed of our happiness and sorrow and our destiny as the soil, then our environment in which we live, that is the Vastu, becomes the fertilizer and the water for our karma. Therefore, by changing the environment around us, the Vastu aspect, we can strengthen the chances of being successful.

Vastu stands for balance and a harmonious environment within a structure. This involves balance in all the ten directions of the universe. These directions provide subtle energies which can be sensed, like gravitational energy, solar magnetic energy, airflow etc. When we build a structure, our home where we dwell, the flow and availability of all the energies has to be taken care of. If these energies are not harmonious on the structure, Vastu defects are created and our life becomes difficult. If there is harmony in these energies, a positive environment is created and in the absence of these a negative environment predominates making life difficult and uneasy.

So, build a Vastu supportive house and enjoy the pleasures of life.

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