Problem Specific Vastu - Depression

Do you know that depression in today’s world is quite a common disease in almost every age group, be it young or old? A bad performance at school, unsuccessfulness at the professional front, disturbance in personal life, failure in business, there are endless reasons which can lead to depression. But did you know that a wrong Vastu at the home and office front can also lead to unnecessary depression and tension. Wrong placement of beams, incorrect placement and position of office fixtures, non-compliance to Vastu principles while sleeping, they all can lead to depression in an individual.

Vastu, an age old science relating ot human dwelling, has ruled out and concluded that if we are surrounded by negative energy around us at home and at the office premises, it can cause depression and damage to the brain which acts as slow poison in deteriorating our health conditions. Even the land on which a premise is constructed has to be free from negative sources of energy or else leads to depression in people dwelling on it.

To deal with hurdles relating to Vastu and to gain complete knowledge about it, it is best suggested to seek the advice of a renowned Vastu professional in this context so that you can lead a depression-free and successful life.

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