Dining room

In today’s modern day scenario, the dining room usually presents itself as an extension of the drawing room owing to the shortage of space or due to the general architectural layout of the area. The dining room is an area where the members of a family enjoy their meals and spend quality time together; hence it plays a pivotal role in promoting health and harmony among the family members.

Mealtimes, when the entire family gets together for the first and last meals of the day and enjoys each other’s company is very important-more so nowadays, thanks to the hectic pace of life, family members hardly find time to spend with one another. This is where they should eat a nourishing meal, which will benefit them. Relationships within the family get strengthened when the family sits and eats together.

Non-compliance with Vastu principles in connection to the dining table can lead to sour relations with family members and can rob you off your peace of mind. To avoid these, get Vastu consultation on the same and develop congenial and healthy relations with your near and dear ones.

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