How to Protect your Children Divorce or Dissolution

Marital unrest and incompatibility is leading to separation among younger as well as older couples these days. It is a common sight to find couples filing in for divorce even after years of togetherness. The understanding and adjustment level goes for a sixer and the couples are seen ending up with a distorted and disturbed relationship which ultimately lands up in legal separation or divorce. However, if we take into consideration the Vastu side of it, the room where a couple resides, in terms of direction, the interiors of the space that they share, the placement of the kitchen in the house, all together play a pivotal role in developing peace, love, harmony and understanding among married couples.

Vastu says it is highly essential to reside in a Vastu-compliant room to develop love and understanding levels among newly-weds. There is a particular direction which has been assigned to be used by the head of the family and this Vastu norm should be stringently followed so as to ensure peace and harmony among the married couple. Remember, there is no age or time frame when disturbance can erupt among couples. In order to avoid such a situation from arising at any juncture of life, get expert Vastu advice and follow the norms to lead a happy and congenial life with your life partner.

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