It seems a status symbol to own a factory bur running it is not an easy job especially in today’s complex world. It involves great expenses, capital investment, handling labor, getting the right people for the right job and also devoting your heart and soul in managing it. When everything falls into proper place only then does it become fruitful and award giving for you. However, most of the time it has been seen that factories get shut down due to labor problems, mishaps keep occurring especially unforeseen accidents like fire, wreckage, machine breakdown, huge losses incur leading to closure of the same. All these happen when the Vastu of the factory is not favorable.

Vastu lays down regulations for each and every thing relating to a factory. Right from laying down its foundation to its ultimate execution, everything has to be Vastu compliant so as to make it run smoothly and make it prosperous and successful. The positioning of the water and the fire elements within the unit, the direction in which the machinery should be installed, the direction in which the different managerial level staffs should be made to sit, the working area for the laborers, each and every detail should be followed stringently if you want your factory to run smoothly. So seek Vastu advice if you do want your factory to run smoothly.

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