Guest room

Do you have a lot of guests coming in and not leaving for days together? Is your house a refuge space for relatives who think it to be a birth right to walk in and stay as long as they wish? Are your guests satisfied when they leave or do they hold grievances against you about their stay at your place? We generally tend to overlook the guest room and its location as per Vastu regulations and this is the reason why we face the above problems.

If we follow the ancient Indian texts, the guest is a representative of God and should be taken care of with great dedication. His well being should be of utmost priority to us till the time he puts up at our place. According to Vastu regulations, the placement of the guest room should be such that the host benefits from the guest and the guest too should remain healthy, hale and hearty throughout his tenure of stay and ultimately he should return to his home with sweet memories of a happy stay with our family.

In order to ensure this it is highly essential to seek and follow Vastu rules in this regard by consulting professional Vastu personnel.

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