Problem Specific Vastu - Health Problem

Health is wealth. Without proper health one cannot enjoy the wealth of knowledge, success or relationships. Headache, depression, dullness, body aches, these have become quite common with every individual these days. However, seldom do we realize that these health problems can get chronic and even turn fatal in due course of time if not handled carefully at the right stage. According to the science of Vastu which deals with human well being in relation to its dwelling and its compliance with the five elements of nature and the ten directions of the universe, health problems arise mainly when there is lack of compliance to Vastu principles in the house where a person lives. Accidents, mishaps and unnecessary health issues keep cropping in every now and then which become unavoidable. All this is a result of presence of negative energy in and around the residence where one dwells.

Vastu clears the negative vibrations from the surrounding and infuses positivity within it so that the people living therein receive positive vibrations to work and prosper in. It brings about happiness and joy, thereby nullifying illness and health issues and paving way for a lively atmosphere to live in, but this is possible only if Vastu principles are abided by in one’s day to day living.

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