A hospital should be a place where positive energy should prevail so that patients coming in recover and leave early. This is quite difficult in today’s scenario because hospitals are being constructed without examining their direction, location, topography and so on as per Vastu. This leads to patients getting impatient as they cannot find remedies and solutions to their illness, thereby creating a lot of commotion and confusion created and other problems keep creeping in every now and then. If a hospital is constructed keeping in mind its proper location, topography of the plot, direction of rooms where the patients lie, diagnostic chambers, exterior and interior of the entire building as per Vastu norms, it is sure to provide relief to its patients and even the hospital would gain name,fame and goodwill in due course of time.

The main priority of a person visiting a hospital is to get healed as soon as possible and return back home hale and hearty. Vastu principles help people recover easily and quickly without leading them to further complications. However, to make it Vastu complaint one should seek advice of a professional Vastu consultant in this regard.

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