Running a hostel is a very cumbersome job as it involves the safety and security of the boys and girls living therein. Since the students there hail from different geographical backgrounds, it is important there remain peace, harmony and understanding among them. In order to maintain peace, prosperity and success of the hostel it is highly essential to follow proper Vastu norms laid down for the same. This includes the correct positioning and placement of the dormitories, the right direction sanctioned for the dining room, the toilets should be in the correct direction as per Vastu, the staff quarters should be at the right place and so on. Non-compliance to these factors leads to unrest, failures, suicides, strikes and even domination by the students.

To ensure a comfortable and homely living for the occupants of a hostel, it is very important to balance the energies via proper directions in the hostel building. For this, the Vastu of the different sections and departments of the hostel should be in complete synergy, only then can there hail peace and prosperity for the inmates as well as the owners of the hostel.

If you wish to avoid grievances in any manner, consult a professional Vastu person and get things synchronized before it is too late.

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