Lack of Happiness & Peace in the Family in Spite of good Prosperity

Happiness is a state of mind which comes with positive energy. If there is positivity surrounding us, we would always enjoy the little joys and happiness in life. However, on the contrary, if we are surrounded by negativity at all times, our energies gets dissipated and we become dull, depressed and sorrowful. Hence, to bask in the glory of joy and happiness it is very important to make sure we are surrounded by positive vibrations which emit happiness and contentment at all times.

Following Vastu principles in our day-to-day living not only ensures a surrounding full of positivity, it also gives one the courage to face any kind of hardships which life may bestow on him sooner or later. One gets the courage to face everything with joy and happiness.

Vastu says the secret of inner happiness is though giving. Giving creates abundance which in turn reciprocates with receiving positive vibrations from others as well. The more we give, the more we receive. The biggest example of this is nature, nature gives us in abundance and that is why we are duty bound to respect and love nature in return for its services to us. So be positive, and make your environment Vastu complaint so that you remain happy and content at all times.

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