A kitchen is a place where healthy and delicious food is cooked with love and positivity which in turn provides us with energy to carry out our responsibilities in the best possible manner. Hence it would not be wrong to say that the kitchen is the backbone of a house. If, suppose, the food cooked in the kitchen does not contain positivity, it would not prove nutritious for the family members thereby causing various health and behavioral issues and ultimately leading to deterioration of their overall quality and standard of living. In order to ensure that the kitchen fulfills and takes care of our physical, emotional and biological needs in the best possible manner, it is mandatory to create a Vastu –friendly kitchen within the house.

In earlier times, the kitchen was situated in an open space. This helped enough light entry into the kitchen and also enabled the smoke to get dispelled out with ease. In modern day kitchens we use gas cylinders and cook-tops to cook food and chimneys are installed to suck up the smoke emitted while cooking. Whatever be the case, it is very important that every aspect of cooking is carried out in compliance to Vastu regulations and this can be assured by taking necessary advice from a well-renowned Vastu consultant.

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