Medical room

Are you a doctor and have spent years on your professional efficiency, yet your medical profession does not seem to be booming despite achieving adequate knowledge and excellence? Is your medical clinic not doing well in spite of having the best facilities and latest equipments installed therein? Are you not getting the name and fame that you deserve as a medical practitioner even though you have passed with distinction? Such a situation is faced by many in every field including the medical line. This happens when your medical room and clinic is not made Vastu compliant and the location and direction of your place of work is not apt as per Vastu principles.

The place where you sit as a doctor, the entrance, the waiting room of the patients, the direction of the bed, operation table, equipments and other medical accessories, everything contributes towards building a positive environment within your chamber or medical room. Even the position and direction of the wardrobe where the medicines and other stock items are stored make a hell of a difference in deciding your success factor as a doctor. Hence it is highly essential to make your medical room or chamber absolutely Vastu complaint if you wish to attain name, fame, success, prosperity and reputation for yourself in the medical arena.

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