Movie Halls

Movie halls are one of the most sorted-after sources of entertainment in today’s fast moving and hectic lifestyle. The three hours that a person sends in a movie hall absolutely relaxes and rejuvenates him but imagine if, instead of providing you with solace, you start feeling uncomfortable and uneasy in a movie hall? Would you want to visit that place again no matter how attractive a movie it might be showcasing? Experts in this regard say that non compliance to Vastu principles in regard to the placement of the projector room, the positioning of the seats, the direction in which the celluloid screen should be facing etc lead to dissatisfaction of the public who stop visiting the movie hall and prefer going to the nearby cinema hub or their quota of entertainment.

If you are a film distributor and own a cinema hall and are not making enough profits from your business venture, it could be because of the wrong Vastu of the place. So get your place made Vastu-savvy and see how your business starts rocking. The right Vastu for cinema hall would increase the footage to your place and your box office collections would definitely go high up on the sales level.

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