Multistorey Buildings

Indian cities have experienced a dramatic change in the development o f the real estate industry over the past few years. Builders are coming up with newer concepts of multi-storied buildings and high end apartments and they even try to integrate every possible Vastu suggestions in their projects of all kinds.

Going back to the 1980’s, the major concern while buying a house was centred around two things, is there sufficient entry of air and light into the apartment or not. Vastu experts never played role in altering the decision of people intending to buy a house. But off late, the entire scenario has taken a turn and now Vastu plays a pivotal role when it comes to purchasing or selling of flats of a multi-storied building. Due to the growing awareness regarding Vastu, flat owners now want to be 100% secure from the point of view of Vastu before finalizing a property or getting into other needful formalities for the same.

From the builder’s point of view, if the multi-storied building is Vastu compliant, its flats would get booked in no time and the venture would prove profitable for him. On the contrary if the Vastu of the building has been neglected, the builder is sure to incur huge losses in the project. So, be Vastu sure and enjoy the goodness of life at its best.

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