Pooja room

We all believe in God and look up to him for all our requirements and needs. Hence, the mandir or the Pooja room holds a very special and sacred place within a house. It is the space where one devotes and submits oneself completely to the Almighty with complete dedication, trust, hope, truth and even refuge. Keeping in mind the immense significance of this room, it is mandatory to create a space that embodies the best possible principles of Vastu, making it entirely filled with positive vibrations in every corner.

The first step towards making a Vastu complaint space for meditation is to choose the right direction where the pooja room should be placed according to Vastu. This direction is recognized as the most powerful and energetic direction wherefrom the magnetic energy of the Earth is generated. Hence, the most ideal location for the placement and positioning of a Pooja room is the North-east corner or the Ishaan corner, the corner for Ishwar or God. Hence it makes for an ideal direction for the mandir and one should face this direction while praying to God.

For further consultation on Pooja room Vastu norms, take professional consultation for the same.

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