Is your shop or showroom not getting the footage that it should in spite of being located right in the heart of the market place? Are your sales dropping and not meeting your expenses? Is your product better than your competitor, yet you are not able to drive enough customers to your showroom/shop? All this happens when your shop or showroom, whatever the case may be, has not been positioned and built as per Vastu rules in connection to the product that you are selling.

In order to attract buyers to your showroom or shop, it is very important to create a positive environment around your place of operation so that customers automatically walk in to your shop and not to the one situated next door. Complying with Vastu principles purifies and energizes the surrounding and fills it with positivity, thereby attracting clients just the way bees are attracted to nectar. They feel satisfied with their products and services and prefer coming back to you, thereby building good customer relations in the go. To ensure this, you need to make your shop or showroom absolutely according to Vastu regulations by taking professional consultation in this regard.

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