Vastupurush And Marmsthan

There are different views of vaastu experts related to Vaastupurush. I feel that the impression of the owner of the place must be considered as Vaastupurush. If we keep his body in place of Vaastupurush we will come to know the vaastu defects of that place could be seen in the body of the owner. You can yourself find out by lying Vaastupurush with head towards North-East and feet towards South-West. He must be laid with abdomen downward. By this the defect of that direction could be observed.

Marmsthan means some sensitive points they are in our Chakras according to our body. Our soul or the energy is linked to these places.

There are seven Chakras in our body

  • Sahastrasar Chakra (Crown) – it is at the top portion of the head.
  • Ajna Chakra (Brow) – it is at the centre of our forehead.
  • Vishuddhi Chakra (Throat) – it is at our throat.
  • Anahata Chakra ( Heart) – it is near the heart at centre of chest.
  • Manipur Chakra (Solar Plexus) – it is near naval.
  • Swadhishthan Chakra (Sacral) – it locate at the lower abdomen.
  • Mooladhar Chakra (Base or Root) – it is at the base of spine.
  • Two small chakras are shown between Ajna and Vishuddhi chakras on both side effect our eyes and ears.
  • Two small chakras are shown beside Manipur chakra effect our liver and Spleen. You can see the liver at South-East side and spleen at North-West side.
  • Two small chakras are shown between Swadhishthan and Mooladhar chakras on both side effect our kidney and our reproductive system.

If any of these Mamrmsthan is pierced or if any pillar or wall has made upon these sensitive points or nailed the wall at this point or any object is placed on it, it affects the human body at that Marmsthan.

Energy flows from South-West to North-East then too we have regarded North-East more. Although South-West is raised and maximum height and weight is kept there where North-East must be kept vacant. Both directions are important in itself.

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