What is Vastu Direction

Direction: - Vastu Mahajeevan is a simple process to connect human being with nature. It is not a black magic. But it is a gift to us by Vedas. It is scientific in modern time. We often talk that we live in the house east facing or north facing. We feel that direction from which facing we enter our house this is the direction of our house. But the direction of our house is opposite to that i.e. direction of my house is, the direction which I face while coming out of my house. When almighty created the earth, directions we created there and then, they are perfect without any flaw. We change our rules according to our situations thats why they are not universal. God has created sun, it rises from the east, it is universal truth.

Our ancestors have given us scientific methods. Today scientist has given us new equipments to study the science deeply.

Normally from the childhood one knows that when we face towards rising sun it is east and back is west, right is south and left is north.

Why left and right are necessory. East gives us energy, sun rises and gives us energy. Life begins or signifies with the first ray of sun and death signifies with the last ray of sun. This is only balance. Sun rises with its first ray life begins. Life exits till the sun glows, as we move toward setting sun it signifies death. This is the cycle of the life, sun rises and then sets. Simillerily life gradually moves toward death.

Importance of left and right –

Mostly people works with their right hand. Only few people work with their left hand. The right side of our body is under control of our left side of brain and vice versa, energy flows in the whole body from here.

Left side of our brain has the power of logics, analysis and objectivs so it has decision making powers in it, for good and bad, right and wrong etc. our right side of the brain is intutive, thoughtful and subjective. Our Sanskars from generation to genration is stored in our rig ht brain. Whatever we want to create, first of all we create its outline in our brain and then utilize it. Right brain has the power of recognizing faces, expressing emotions, music, reading emotions, colour, images etc.

Vastu Mahajeevan is accurate balanced of sixteen directions and Panch Tatvas. If it is unbalanced then there are tragedy, un-success, accidents, failure in goals, money losses, sickness, infertility, obstacle in study of children etc.

Mainly there are four directions and it has four sub-directions Total 64 directions have to be mentioned. Every direction has its important and effects but from it 4 main direction and 4 sub-direction have more effects viz.

Four main directions-
Four sub directions

These 8 directions are further divided in their left and right two parts so they become 16 directions

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