What is Vastu

Whatever space is a complete universe itself, that space and directions have their own energy. Every direction has its own effects, which affects the people living in that space. Proper balance of energies is known as Vastu Shastra. By balancing it we can make our life superior i.e. ‘Mahajeevan’. This is the motto of ‘Vaastu Mahajeevan’.

Life is flowing continuously if this flow is blocked, then there is no charm in life, but only tensions. To remove these tension and living the life to its fullest is ‘Vaastu Mahajeevan’. Vaastu means balanced energy of things.

In this universe, the place where we live is also universe in itself. Person living in it has universe in itself, a complete universe. With the help of ‘Vaastu Mahajeevan’ the universe of place along with the universe within is balanced with positive energy and ultimate peace is achieved. If life is becoming stagnant or you are not progressing in it. Don't accept it by thinking it is your luck.

These barriers are due to unbalanced flow of energy. Destiny is when you have no knowledge and you face the loss due to unbalanced energy. Vastu will help you to reach your goal.

Life is wonderful; cheerful if there is any lack in life it is only due to lack of flow of energy. The universe of your place is blocking the energy and negative energy has increased.

You must have seen a shop or a resturant or a doctor or a teacher gaining a lot of popularity. This is due to the positivity of that place. This positivity is due to balance of Vaastu. We feel positive about the person and that makes him or her more successful.

Vastu is a deep secret which is given to us by our ancient Rishis. Man is concerned about food, clothing and house. He has earned food and clothing, but while making his house he invests his hard earned money in it. The rules according to which a house is constructed is called vaastu shastra.

Principle of Vastu

Vaastu works on the principle that each living thing is made up of cells. Cells are made up of atoms and molecules, All atoms, molecules, and cells are life sustaining. In the mid of cells i.e. nucleus is known as energy. Likewise universe, earth are life sustaining. It is changing every moment and every moment it producing variety of things. Similarly in our body everyday old cells are replaced by new cells, likewise every movement every movement in earth also old’s replaced by new things and its energy is in centre.

Vaastu is related to above said energy; whatever we found on earth is made by things produced by earth. Similarly energy is present in the center of that thing too. But energy more or less depends on the size of thing. If the things placed near, their energies effect on each other positivly or negativly. Here positivly means attraction and negativly means repelling.

But the magnetic field of earth is so strong that it ties the things so strongly that the things can’t move. If this gravitational force is removed then the things are in their original form, they will attract or repell each other. The same thing is happening now also. But the thing are stationary due to gravitational force. When two things are being repelled or attracted by their negative or positive force then the thing which comes in between them is also affected.

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