The Vaastu Samrat

Vastu-guru Considered as the foremost Vastu expert in India, Vaastu Mahajeevan Dr. Gaurav Aggarwal was born in Harayana. I have been working in vaastu with dedication for last 17 years. Today all of my clients are satisfied with my work, and they want to gain the knowledge of vaastu. During this research he found that this disease was occurred in those who are with negative energy with in and surroundings. He did research on human mind, its negativity for others harm its own body. Now in his own words. Right from the beginning reading was my hobby. During that period I came across books related with Vastu Shashtra, by reading them I learnt new technique of vastu. But my mind was always restless and was craving for the facts. My respectd father Dr. Ashwani Aggarwal who is also my Guru helped me to apply this art practically

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Our Services

Vaastu Mahajeevan Surveyor Visit

Vaastu Mahajeevan Expert personally visits your building (Home, Office, Shop, Showroom, and other). They will observe and make a detailed building plan of the entire building. This includes directions, interiors placement, objects and infrastructure etc.

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Vaastu Mahajeevan Analysis report

After survey of place (house, shop, factory, office, school, hotel, etc.) by expert, after that Vaastu Guru analysis report is given to you containing the problems of present which you are facing and will be in future related to vaastu faults and their easy rectification solutions without dimolitions.

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Meet Your Vaastu Mahajeevan Experts

Our qualified and experienced consultants draw upon the vast knowledge resource of Vaastu Mahajeevan, for expert diagnosis of your problem and identify optimum solutions to give you quick result.

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Complete Vaastu mahajeevan Report

If you are going to construct a new home or office or factory, it is always advisable to ensure Vastu compliance in the structure right from the beginning to get the best results and avoid any structural changes later.

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