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Considerd as a foremost vaastu expert in India, Vaastu Guru Dr. Gaurav Aggarwal was born in Haryana in 1970. He was a Homeopathic Doctor by profession. He did research on Heart and Cancer patient from 1993 to 1997 and cure many patient. During this research he found that this disease was occurred in those who are with negative energy with in and surroundings. He did research on human mind, its negativity for others harm its own body.

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About Vaastu Mahajeevan

The great mission of Vaastu Mahajeevan is giving improvement in health, wealth and prosperity and helps in maintaining harmony in home. Now in scientific era we Vaastu Mahajeevan tries to explain vastu in scientific and logical manner so can people will come out of superstition and get benefitted.
Vaastu Mahajeevan done vastu of many negative place and make them vastu perfect by minor changes and improve positive energy of many people of that place.

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  • Vaastu Mahajeevan
    Surveyor Visit

    A professional Vaastu Mahajeevan surveyor conducts a detailed survey of your building. This includes macro and micro details about the constructed and non constructed area, interior design and colours, placements of objects etc of your place. Then he came to office and an executive makes a detailed map of your place. After this it is studied by a senior vaastu mahajeevan expert to find the negative energy of vaastu and its affects with The 3 Steps Vaastu Mahajeevan and create a Vaastu Mahajeevan Analysis Report.

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  • Vaastu Mahajeevan
    Problem Specific Vastu Solution Report

    This analysis report of your place processed under 240 points of Vaastu Mahajeevan like macro (location of temple, kitchen, bedroom, toilets, drawing room, family lodge, stairs case etc.) micro (placements of burner and sink and other things in kitchen, bed and wardrobe in rooms, wash commode and wash basin in bathroom, mirrors, paintings, flower vase, colours of walls, and many more points like up and downs of floor or roof, or surroundings of the building – trees, poles, high raised building, towers etc)

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  • Meet your
    Vaastu Mahajeevan expert

    You will come to know about the negativity and its effects of your place due to negative energy calculate by senior vaastu mahajeevan expert. In your personal meeting or online with Vaastu Mahajeevan expert gives you the oppoerrtunity to get solution of any one of your problem free.
    Sometimes the problems are not due to negative energy of Vaastu. But it is due to lack of receiving this positive Vaastu energy by our body and mind. According to Vaastu Mahajeevan symptoms of your problems should match with the negativity of your place and then its treatment will give you a marvellous result and achievement in life.

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  • Complete
    Commercial Vastu Solution

    Vaastu Mahajeevan advises very easy and practical solutions to make positivity in your place to make it Vaastu-perfect. Get complete commercial vastu solutions for offices, mall, institution, school, shops, clinic, hospital, restaurant and hotel etc.

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